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Giving Tuesday 2023

Every. Single. Day.

No one wants to be trafficked. No one dreams of being bought/sold multiple times … Every. Single. Day. But it’s happening. Human trafficking is a $150 billion international industry, second only to drug trafficking. The distance between the two crimes is shrinking though as traffickers realize that drugs can only be sold once – and a woman can be sold over and over again.

Nevaeh was 6 the first time her mother sold her for money.
Samantha did what she was told to do to keep her little sister safe.
Jada thought the physical abuse was the worst, but no matter what she did,
she couldn't escape the emotional trauma. 


We've changed the names, but their experiences are real.
Your Giving Tuesday gift is powerful: It heals. It restores. It empowers. 

Fund Mental Health Coaching

Our mental health coaching program is motivational, empowering our residents to make changes that will improve their daily lives and end tendencies to self-sabotage. The coaching program helps residents discover and strengthen tools that are critical to accomplishing personal objectives, program milestones, and goals our residents set in partnership with other health professionals, including psychologists and counselors. Ultimately, our goal through the mental health coaching component of our residential program is to support a person’s mental health by helping them improve the skills needed to respond to relationship problems, workplace stress, peer issues and changing thinking patterns.

Inspire Independence

Thanks to the educational programs, counseling and therapy options, residents at the Potter’s Hands Foundation gain marketable skills that are the very foundation of independence. Your gift empowers survivors to live freely because it 

  • Supports residents in their quest to earn a GED.

  • Assists residents who already have their GED to complete vocational/trade training.

  • Prepares residents with updated resumes, develops interviewing skills, and ensures they have appropriate attire for interviews and professional settings.

  • Leverages relationships in nearby communities to find employment options for our residents – options with informed employers who understand the unique challenges human trafficking survivors experience.

  • Provides transportation to job sites.

  • Equips residents with life skills, including time management and communication techniques.

  • Empowers residents with the skills to appropriately engage in interpersonal relationships and respond to workplace situations through our mental health coaching component.


With these skills, our residents are equipped to rely on themselves to meet basic and essential needs and contribute to a vibrant community.

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