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Christmas in July Fundraiser

July 7 - 20, 2018
Online fundraiser
Choose a grid number & donate that amount

​Help us to finish the outdoor area at the safe house! We'd love to lay top soil and seed so that residents can get outdoors and be soothed by nature. To help get this project going, we’re celebrating Christmas in July with this Off the Grid fundraiser.

How it works: Pick any available number between 1 and 100 from the grid. Claim it by posting a comment on the fundraiser Facebook page and tell us the significance the number has for you. You pay that amount and we fill in the number on the grid. The goal is to wipe out the entire grid between July 7 & 20. And if we do, we’ll raise $5,000!​​​


(post a comment with the number you'd like & its significance)


or mail donations to:

Becky Enders

2454 Collins Rd

Corning, NY 14830

If you choose to donate in someone's honor, click here to download a certificate to share with them.

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