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Second Chances

Second Chances will be a thrift store operated under the umbrella of The Potter's Hands Foundation.


Our dream is to have Second Chances provide sustainable resources for the benefit of the organization's operations and its residents. All profits received from the sale of donated goods will be used to help pay for the operating expenses of The Potter's Hands Foundation. In addition, the residents of the safe house will be offered training at the retail store where they will learn the skills required to be a good employee. They will receive firsthand experience in retail, in dealing with customers, and in being productive members of society while gaining confidence in their abilities. This will be accomplished under the supervision of a director and other volunteers.


We have volunteers and inventory, but before our dream can become a reality, we will need a suitable retail site. We are still in search of a location that could be donated or greatly discounted to allow us to direct as many funds as possible toward the safe house and the women we serve. If you know of such a place, please contact us with detailed information.

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