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Job Openings

Restoration Coach

Position Summary

The Restoration Coach Position will oversee the evening/overnight/weekend operations of The Potter’s Hands Safe House program. Hours may vary, but the majority of the hours will be evenings, weekends and holidays. The individuals in this position must maintain the security and confidentiality needed for this type of specialized program. The Restoration Coach must be available to assist in conflict or crisis situations and will be responsible for the maintenance of documentation, ensuring the smooth operation of the program during the assigned hours. The Restoration Coach will work with other staff and volunteers to create a supportive community, helping to meet the needs of each resident.

Job Responsibilities

include, but are not limited to:

Direct Support Services
Resident Concerns:

  • Respond to residents’ questions and needs

  • Facilitate the communication of client needs to program director as well as keep a nightly log of activities

  • Participate in scheduled house meetings that occur during your shift, participate in conference calls or house staff meetings as requested by program director throughout the week

  • Hold residents accountable to all program guidelines

  • Perform all assigned tasks for each shift to include but not limited to room checks, chore checks, etc.


  • Assist in the pick-up and transportation of clients

Crisis and Conflict Resolution:

  • Assess and respond to resident crises or conflicts

  • Assess the need for external assistance with the other staff present, such as contacting any on- call staff

  • Manage conflicts as they occur, document conflicts, and monitor resident incidents

Safety and Security:

  • Assess and manage emergencies according to The Potter’s Hands emergency protocol

  • Identify appropriate responses to emergency protocol triggers

  • Identify when external assistance is needed, and contact appropriate party (i.e. supervisor, law enforcement, medical assistance, etc.)

  • Monitor the safety and security of the house, including the operation of the alarm system

  • Participate in the ongoing development of safety and emergency protocols


Administrative Services Support

  • Assist day staff with various administrative tasks, as needed

  • Administrative tasks may include filing, shredding and preparing packets of Potter’s Hands materials

  • Assist in resource research assignments

  • Assist in other special projects, as needed

  • Complete all assigned tasks as directed by program director or assistant program director


  • Must be calm, supportive, mature, have a positive outlook, and understand how to work with residents in a shelter home

  • Have a deep commitment to the empowerment of the residents

  • Ability to work both independently and in a team environment

  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written

  • Knowledge of and experience in supportive or peer counseling, crisis intervention, and conflict resolution techniques

  • Ability and willingness to intervene in and resolve resident disputes

  • Appreciation of sensitive confidentiality issues with demonstrated commitment to resident- centered practices

  • Ability to maintain a positive, cooperative, and professional attitude at all times and in interactions with other volunteers, staff, and residents

  • Candidates must provide proof of a valid driver’s license

  • Other organizational requirements require a successful background check and the ability to meet physical requirements of the position

To apply, send the following:

Resume, 3 professional references, and a letter of interest to or


The Potter’s Hands Foundation, Inc.

P. O. Box 1564

Corning, NY 14830




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