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Our Home

Imagine for a moment a safe and secure place to call home, a place where you are free to be yourself, to discover who you are and all that you can be. A place where you find purpose and meaning, and a place where you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are loved.


Located in the South Western Region of New York State, with beautiful hills, lakes, and countryside, The Potter’s Hands Foundation provides a residential safe house environment at no cost to victims of severe sexual exploitation and human trafficking.


In addition, we provide referrals to and support in obtaining mental health and nutritional counseling services, educational services, spiritual counseling (one-on-one and small group meetings), information and referrals on career and medical services, food and clothing, and transportation to and from medical appointments or any other appointments as deemed necessary.

Were it not a construction site,
I would have removed my imitation combat boots,
for it was Holy ground.
A place where trees that have stood guard for centuries
undisturbed in their staggered formation,
have been released from their assignment
to make way for the Master carpenter's design.
In their place, the sturdy beams of His safe house
run plumb and true,
each intersection a cross of remembrance.
The suffering, the shame, the unspeakable has been nailed.
Lord Jesus,
those girls who arrive in this place
with their baggage in one hand
and the shattered fragments of their lives in the other,
let them lay their burdens at the foot of the cross
and find new life
in the Potter's Hands.

-B. Wakefield




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