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Rahab's Rebels


Rahab's Rebels™ is a group of motivated individuals living out their calling to serve victims of sex trafficking by stepping out in faith to raise financial support for The Potter's Hands Foundation.


If you would like to get involved in this life-changing ministry in a tangible way, we invite you to participate with us. Our Rebel’s group meets once a month to share fundraising ideas, encourage one another in individual fundraising efforts, report financial progress, or join a team of others who are leading a project!  


Our Story

by Deb Kuehner

One morning in October of 2014, I was doing my morning devotion and feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of money that we needed to raise to build this home. In that moment, I said to God, “I need a breakthrough.” Immediately, the name Rahab’s Rebels™ popped into my head with the idea that I should ask some friends if they would be willing to set a fundraising goal of $5,000 or $10,000 to help raise money for the ministry. Within a few days, I had four friends who agreed to help. One had mapped out an entire year of fundraisers that she would personally coordinate to raise the money. As I went out in to the community to share with churches, businesses, and organizations, I began inviting people to participate in our Rahab’s Rebels™ group. This group continues to grow and is such a fun collection of people who have a passion for this ministry. Not all of the Rebels have their own individual projects, but they willingly volunteer and assist with some of our larger events, such as our Gala in October, Dinner & Dessert Auction in April, Golf Classic in August, and rummage sales throughout the year, among other things. Last year, in individual projects alone, the Rebels raised over $39,000, and collectively, they raised a total of $114,000. This group of precious volunteers truly is the backbone of this ministry. They are a gift from God, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

Interested in joining Rahab's Rebels™?

Rahab's Story

Joshua 2:1-24, 6:1-25

Her neighbors called her a woman of the night. The Lord God called her a heroine of the faith. And a man named Salmon gladly called her his wife. Meet our amazing sister Rahab, a former prostitute who was decidedly Bad for a Season, but Not Forever.

Her dramatic story began like a James Bond movie, with Joshua sending “two men to spy secretly” (Joshua 2:1) on an exotic foreign location 825 feet below sea level—Jericho, the lowest city in the world.


(Excerpt from: Bad Girls of the Bible: Rahab by Liz Curtis Higgs)

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