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Sustainer's Club

Creating a Strong Foundation for our Survivors

Members of the Sustainer’s Club support residents on the Potter’s Hands Foundation every month. This consistent support is the equivalent of an ever-flowing river of hope and validation for our residents. It reassures them that the work they’re doing is worth it. That the feelings and emotions and memories they’re purposely and thoughtfully reliving will get them to a better place. And, quite frankly, your consistent support confirms for them that their lives matter.


Our residents have not enjoyed a steady “anything healthy”: not a safe home; not healthy food; not supportive relationships. Your monthly gift – at whatever level – means we can help them meet their most basic needs. A warm bed. A clean dinner table. A quiet space to learn. The chance to learn. And so much more.


The benefits work both ways! We hope monthly giving is easier on your wallet. Instead of making a large, one-time donation, we invite you to spread your contribution over the entire year. This consistent, smaller giving pattern minimizes the financial strain that a lump sum might pose. It transforms your compassion into a sustainable habit, allowing you to provide ongoing support without sacrificing other financial responsibilities. Monthly giving makes generosity a sustainable and achievable endeavor.

Become a Sustainer

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