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Job Openings

Assistant Program Director

Position Summary

The Assistant Program Director will assist with the management of The Potter’s Hands Foundation Safe House location for 8 to 12 residents ages 18 and up who are recovering from sexual exploitation and/or sex trafficking.

Job Roles

include, but are not limited to:

  • Report directly to the Program Director any information regarding residents, staff, and volunteers

  • Assist with management of the part-time house staff and volunteers

  • Oversee commitment to house policies and procedures, including but not limited to, consequence and infraction management as well as assisting with writing and updating weekly and monthly reports

  • Model Christian behavior in speech, morals, and actions that are in alignment with The Potter’s Hands Foundation's Statement of Faith

  • Assist with the recruitment and supervision of service providers, mentors, and interns, including reference checks of all service providers, interns, and mentors

  • Assist with the collaboration with other local social service agencies to provide good networking systems for client services and integration into the community

  • Assist with the development of a community support network for the residents, including social outings, Christ-centered recovery programs and new experiences

  • Assist with the recruitment and management of volunteers, including reference checks of all volunteers

Job Responsibilities

include, but are not limited to:

  • Coach and mentor each resident in developing short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals.

  • Prepare and lead group studies, including curriculum-based studies and Bible studies

  • Assist each resident in creating personal habits of prayer and Bible reading

  • Assist with arrangements for transportation for residents to attend a weekly worship service

  • Assist the Program Director with leading processing sessions for each resident at a minimum of 1x per week and additionally when necessary

  • Assist with the management of all aspects of the residence, including:

    • Supervising residents to assure that house policies and procedures are followed

    • Managing the house budget, bookkeeping, and reporting to the Program Director

    • Maintain house records, volunteer logs, and resident files

    • Work with Program Director to ensure compliance with procedures and smooth operations

    • Develop daily, weekly, and monthly calendars and schedules including, but not limited to, staff schedule, chores and responsibilities of residents, meal planning, and outings.

  • Alternate being on call with the Program Director and communicating with the Program Director as needed

Direct Support Services
Resident Concerns:

  • Respond to residents’ questions and needs

  • Keep a daily log of activities

  • Assist with scheduling, house meetings, and processing sessions with residents and attend house staff meetings


  • Assist in the pick-up and transportation of clients in personal or house vehicles

Crisis and Conflict Resolution:

  • Assess and respond to resident crises or conflicts

  • Assess the need for external assistance

  • Manage conflicts as they occur, document conflicts, and monitor resident incidents

Safety and Security:

  • Assess and manage emergencies according to The Potter’s Hands Foundation emergency protocol

  • Identify appropriate responses to emergency protocol triggers

  • Identify when external assistance is needed, and contact appropriate parties (i.e. executive director, law enforcement, medical assistance, etc.)

  • Monitor the safety and security of the house, including the operation of the alarm system

  • Participate in the ongoing development of safety and emergency protocols


  • A committed follower of Jesus Christ

  • Committed interest in the issues surrounding human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and addiction

  • Commitment to, and agreement with, The Potter’s Hands Foundation Statement of Faith

  • Experience working with the volunteer community

  • Strong written and verbal communicator

  • Commitment to teamwork, growth, and transparency

  • Demonstrate experience in multi-tasking, prioritizing and setting and meeting goals

  • Strong sense of self-identification, personal coping skills, and conflict resolution

  • Excellent administrative, organizational and time management skills, planning abilities and attention to detail

  • Proven problem-solving skills and capacity to adjust to changing and challenging environments

  • Experience in basic administrative functions including Microsoft Word, Excel, and other office support programs

  • Proven networking capabilities

  • Demonstrate ability to work in an environment with a team approach to accomplish the goals of the program

Examples of Specific Job Tasks

  • Contact and set up SNAP appointments. Keep track of ongoing paperwork that needs to be updated.

  • Contact and setup Fidelis appointments. Keep track of ongoing paperwork that needs to be updated.

  • Transport residents to and from appointments

  • Create a weekly dinner menu and grocery list

  • Grocery shop once a week

  • Create a monthly schedule for staff and volunteers

  • Monitor and send in pay hours to bookkeeper every two weeks

  • Monitor petty cash and reimburse when necessary

  • Keep an inventory of office, household, and cleaning supplies and replenish when necessary. Keep track of and turn in all receipts.

  • Update resident medication and emergency information in emergency folder in the office

  • Keep track of and update staff and volunteer paperwork (in filed folders)

  • Assist or take the lead with all staff, resident, and/or volunteer issues and concerns when guided by Program Director

  • Step in as the lead when the Program Director is away or at meetings

  • Oversee and ensure that residents are completing exercise when scheduled

  • Keep all chore schedules, logs, and bulletin board information up to date

  • Assist Program Director with administrative tasks such as creating documents, charts, and logs

  • Assist in the updating of procedures or updates to any guideline or protocol

  • Any additional tasks or items given by the Program Director


Salary based on experience

Questions can be directed to Deborah Kuehner at




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